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  • Sara S. , RS MMA and Fitness Testimonials

    This is by far the friendliest gym I have ever been to. I love the Fitness Kickboxing class, the instructors are always pushing you to be better, so that you can achieve your goals. It's also a great way to meet new gym friends. Atmosphere is key, and Rico has definitely hit that out of the park.

    Sara S.
  • Lisa L. , RS MMA and Fitness Testimonials

    I did my first ever kickboxing class today. Rico is an excellent instructor. He worked with me 1 on 1 teaching me the specific moves in between teaching the class so I would know what I'm doing for next class... You know you had a good workout when your arms are burning jello while your washing your hair in the shower � I was very impressed this morning so I'm taking my 10yr old son in this evening to try out one of the kid classes! Thanks again Rico!

    Lisa L.
  • Amanda A. , RS MMA and Fitness Testimonials

    As a mother of a 13 yr old boy, who made the move from Ca. to Ks. He had to leave his friends behind which was very hard for him. He began to withdrawal from social activities. His self esteem was at an all time low.He did not believe in himself anymore. I was looking for an activity to build him up, show him how to believe in himself.

    I searched online and came across Rico steel's martial arts academy. This was the best thing I ever searched. Rico made us feel like family from the start. He truly takes his time to get to know your kid on a personal level. I told him how my son was having a hard time at school. Coach Rico and coach Ivey went to Junction city middle school just to have lunch with my son. I have not come across coaches from any sport who does that.

    This is the place for my son. You both have made such an impact on you lives.

    Amanda A.
  • Desmond L. , RS MMA and Fitness Testimonials

    I have to say I was 100 percent impressed. Each time a family member or myself have attended any former martial arts training we have had bad experiences. They throw you in with the masses and you are left to train yourself while trying to learn complex moves. Tonight was my first night at Mr. Steele's Martial Arts Academy. I have to admit I was impressed before ever hitting the mat. I showed up a little early to watch a youth Brazilian Jujitsu class. I was amazed at how Master Steele and another instructor were very hands on with each individual student allowing the students to grasp the techniques with ease. Then came my class. I was very nervous having never practiced Muay Thai in my life. After being given specific instructions that were clear and direct and under the watchful eye of Mr. Steele, I too seemed to catch on to the basic movements very quickly. I look forward to much learning and practice and recommend that you at least visit the academy before any other martial arts school in the surrounding area.

    Desmond L.
  • Joey A. , RS MMA and Fitness Testimonials

    RS martial arts is an amazing school. It has a great family environment and you always feel at home and a part of something while your there. Rico and Ivey are very knowledgable Muay Thai coaches as well as those who volunteer and fight for the school. Markus Barrett is one of the best jiu jitsu professors I have ever worked with. Kids are challenged and always happy to be there. My physical fitness has improved greatly and I would consider Rico and everyone at the school good friends. I go to class every evening I get a chance.

    Joey A.
  • Christine S. , RS MMA and Fitness Testimonials

    My son started this January, his self confidence has increased 10 fold. The instructors are excellent with all the kids!! They encourage the kids to excell academically, to be respectful, and how to defend themselves, in a positive, safe environment! When you walk through the door you feel like you're home with family! I would definitely recommend joining our family!!!!

    Christine S.
  • Jan C. , RS MMA and Fitness Testimonials

    There's so much greatness going on at this gym it's crazy! The environment is UH-MAZING :) Everyone, from instructors to students are encouraging, friendly and helpful. It's not a place where people are big headed because they can or want to fight. They're very down to earth, family oriented people. You don't have to have any experience whatsoever. You just have to be determined. It's a great confidence builder. The instructors know what they're doing. Motivation, determination, compassion and dedication is constantly displayed. Phenomenal. I'm grateful to know and grow into this family.

    Jan C.
  • Dave M. , RS MMA and Fitness Testimonials

    My 9 year old son started coming about a year and a half ago. When he first started he was very shy and not out going at all, but he wanted to try a martial art. Coach Rico tested him out and he started training. Since then my boy has become more self confident and out going. We have truely found another family! Coach Rico and Coach Ivey have spent so much time with my son, working in class and one on one that he looks up to them as heros. Coach Marcus, the BJJ instructor is the most patient person I have ever met. He is willing to do whatever it take to ensure these kids learn. Not only the martial art, but life lessons and verbal jujitsu, talking down the situation as the very first course of action. The entire staff has become such a huge part of our lives, and are lucky enough to be a part of this family.

    Dave M.
  • Tammie A. , RS MMA and Fitness Testimonials

    I have never found a gym with such a family sense. From the time I started till now I never felt like an outsider. I really like the way Rico makes an effort to talk to everyone he can before classes. The kids classes are GREAT! My kids enjoy going and the confidence they have gained in such a short time is amazing. I would encourage everyone to take classes at Rico Steele's MMA school.

    Tammie A.
  • Sam K. , RS MMA and Fitness Testimonials

    This place is absolutely amazing!!! I'm always greeted with nothing but friendly faces and warm hearts. Owner goes above and beyond to ensure everyone is reaching their true potential. I would defiantly recommend this place to all of my family friends and even strangers. KEEP UP THE AWESOME JOB!!!!

    Sam K.
  • Liz I. , RS MMA and Fitness Testimonials

    The instructors here are amazing and it's a great family environment. My family attends the adult and kid classes. The kids look foward to class. They learn the techniques along with having fun. The adult classes are great workouts and the instructors definitely know what they are talking about.

    Liz I.
  • Mona A. , RS MMA and Fitness Testimonials

    I can't thank RS MMA instructors and coaches enough for there help with my son age 13. Since he enjoyed the team a few months ago his health and self esteem has gone from 0 to 100 not only has he lost a lot of weight but is now able to stand up to the bulling his endord for many years. With coach Rico and coach Ana by his side he has become a happier and healthier young boy and as his mother I couldn't be prouder. Thank you RS MMA.

    Mona A.
  • Gabby L. , RS MMA and Fitness Testimonials

    My son started taking lessons a few months ago with the basic skills class. Not only has his attention span improved, but his overall behavior has improved along with his self esteem . Coach Anna does an amazing job with the kids. Every class is high energy and they actually learn! Love love love the awesome family environment and the amazing staff.

    Gabby L.
  • Ana P. , RS MMA and Fitness Testimonials

    Love and recomend this school!! The instructors are amazing. Personally, I dropped off arpund 15 pounds only with the kickboxing class, in 5 months, imagine what you can do with a diet!! The best part is, that I was able to bring my little girl and watch her while working out, that's a big big plus.

    Ana P.
  • Lonnie B. , RS MMA and Fitness Testimonials

    I've had the opportunity to establish a great relationship with the owner at RSMMA and I can tell you that it is a bond that will last a lifetime. Not only is Rico a hands-on owner but he genuinely cares for each and every student and has dedicated himself to delivering the very best martial arts in a clean and safe facility. He has surrounded himself with the most successful people in our industry in order to further his knowledge and acumen. THAT, my friends, is hard to come by in the martial arts. Do yourself a solid and check out the place and I'm certain you, too, will fall in love with the vibe

    Lonnie B.
  • Scott A. , RS MMA and Fitness Testimonials

    While I was deployed, my wife started taking my son to rico steeles and he absolutely loves it! I am so thankful to rico and his staff, they have a great business. My son Is learning so much, his confidence is up, he is learning self defense, and most importantly - he is having fun. I would definitely recommend rico's, they have an excellent staff, and they really care about the kids.

    Scott A.
  • Ricky H. , RS MMA and Fitness Testimonials

    I can not attest to the actual training services provided by Rico Steele as I was unable to attend classes. This review is purely based on the customer service aspect. I give 5 of 5 stars. I did have some issues with the cancellation of my membership and there were some issues getting in contact with Rico, but he went out of his was way to make things right and that's very respectable. I would recommend his services to others.

    Ricky H.
  • Stacey M. , RS MMA and Fitness Testimonials

    I have trained Muay Thai for three years or so and I was blown away by the knowledge, skill, and competence of Coach Rico. His academy was very professional, and more importantly, comfortable to be in. Anyone interested in pursuing martial arts should check out his academy. The Bang Muay Thai program is really fun as well!

    Stacey M.
  • Todd F. , RS MMA and Fitness Testimonials

    My daughter has been attending for about three and half years after getting free month for a Christmas gift from her Aunt. From the very first class, she has loved it. Coach Rico, Coach Ivey, Coach Markus and everybody who helps with the classes and works there have all been wonderful in helping and teaching my daughter. They not only teach her skills in BJJ and Muay Thai but also the mental and verbal skills to help avoid situations where her fighting skills might be needed. If you're looking for a great place for your kid, and even yourself, to learn a martial art and the life skills that learning a martial art instills, Rico Steele's Martial Arts is the place.

    Todd F.
  • CJ S. , RS MMA and Fitness Testimonials

    Our son has been taking Muay Thai classes at Ricos for almost two years now and it is one of the best things we could have done for him. Seeing the changes in him over the last two years have been amazing! He has more self confidence than ever and the training has also made him an all around better athlete. He is in awesome shape and has even changed his diet without me pushing him. At Ricos he is not just being taught to be physically tough but mentally tough as well. Our son is learning the importance of a healthy attitude and a healthy lifestyle. I am so grateful for this. It is obvious that the coaches really care about the students and my son really looks up to them. The people at Ricos have become like a second family to us and we love being there. Thank you to all the coaches. You all are awesome!!

    CJ S.


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